Steamboat Springs Timeshares

When the option of "buying the hotel" instead of just "rent a room in it" was offered to vacationers in the early 1960's, an overwhelming number of people took it. Thus, the concept of timeshare was born and since then has opened up a big market in the holiday industry. Today, popular vacation destinations like Steamboat Springs offer a range of hotel, resorts and condominiums that are part of the timeshares arrangement.

As the name suggests, timeshares refer to the shared ownership of vacation properties. It is a system where, individuals pay for the maintenance of a property for a specified period of time, during which the property is completely owned by them. In this period, the individuals can use the property or as a private retreat or loan or rent it out. When the stipulated period is over, the property is vacated and the next owner can move in. This system can apply to vacation houses and condominiums, which generally fall with only one person at a time. On the other hand, for larger hotels and resorts, the applicable properties are just single rooms that can be bought as timeshares. Steamboat Springs timeshares allow visitors to spend vacation weeks as well as long-term sabbaticals in the any one of the respective properties.

The biggest names in the timeshare industry are Resort Condominiums International (RCI) and Interval International (II), which also have the largest turnovers for marketing and selling timeshare. Both these internationally recognized names operate in Colorado and between them have about fifteen member properties in Steamboat Springs. These include the premier luxury condominium options in Steamboat such as the Phoenix, Thunder Mountain, the Village, Alpine Ridge and Sunburst. A detailed list of all options and their respective feature and amenities is available on the online portals of these companies. Timeshares exchange offers in Steamboat Springs include the option of fixed or floating vacation weeks and a system of earning loyalties that can give the vacationers free, extra weeks.