Steamboat Springs Attractions

Everyone has seen those picturesque villages, all covered in snow and candle light that grace the fronts of Christmas cards each year. But, how many are aware that those scenes are not just the products of romantic imaginations and that such places exist very close to home? One such hamlet, enchanted by the snowy peaks of the Rocky Mountains, is the Colorado town of Steamboat Springs.

Steamboat Springs, also called Ski Town USA, is famous for exactly the things its names suggest - hot springs and skiing. Once the natives were unjustly and forcible removed to reservations, the area became free for development. The main factor responsible for the development of the region as a tourist hub was the abundance of natural ski slopes. In fact, the first ski jump was built at Steamboat nearly a century ago and has been operational ever since. This jump is part of the Howelsen Hill Ski Area, the largest ski complex in the whole of North America. Adjoining the ski slopes, Howelsen also offers an ice rink and rodeo grounds. For the wintertime delights, Steamboat offers a range of sleighing, horseback riding and snowboarding facilities.

There are a few main areas in Steamboat dedicated to giving travelers the benefit of the hot geysers that abound in the Rockies. The foremost among them is the Strawberry Park Natural Hot Springs, which is located on the outskirts of the city. This Park has various facilities such as massage parlors, spas and hot pools that cater to needs of the weary traveler and at the same time highlight the health benefits of the springs. Nature is the best attraction at Steamboat Springs and the many natural reserves in the area testify to this fact. Travelers can relax in the arms of Mother Nature at the Pearl Lake State Park, the Rocky Mountain National Park and the Yampa River State Park among others on their Steamboat Springs vacation. The fly-fishing sites in this region are considered some of the best in the country.

The various attractions of Steamboat Springs also include various golf courses, ranches and centers for art.