Steamboat Springs Hotel Rates

Located around the dizzy heights of the Rocky Mountains, Steamboat Springs is a winter destination like no other. It is town that was built around the skiing industry and that today offer visitors the chance to ski on trails that have been the training ground for many an Olympic champion.

Apart from the skiing, snowboarding and sledging, Steamboat Springs offer numerous other experiences such as art and culture through its distinct setting, museums and libraries. The place to stay depends up on the sort of vacation a visitor is looking forward to. If it is a thrilling holiday with long hours on the slopes then the ski lodges and resorts are the best bet. This is because they offer every service a skier could need from ski lifts and skiing equipment to instructors and medics. Not to mention that these resorts are also the closest to the slopes and offer the most through knowledge of the trails. The rates for these lodgings can be high, since they are the most popular options. The average pricing for a night's stay can run well up to the $500 mark in peak seasons. Besides, skiing facilities may cost extra and pre-booking may be essential to avoid any lat minute disappointment.

For the thrifty, Steamboat Springs has a number of modest accommodations available for rates as low as $100 a night. These options include the smaller, less known hotels, wayside motel and B&B's. Although these options are usually further from the towns center and from the slopes, getting transport to these places is relatively easy. Most of these lodges cannot cater to large groups of skiers and generally have don't have rooms big enough to properly store their skiing equipments. They are the kind that offers the charm of small house living to couples and small families who have come for a vacation on a budget. The most endearing feature is that, instead of the impersonal buffet system followed in bigger establishments, many have sit-down meals with all residents.

Luxury accommodations are also abundant in Steamboat Springs for an average of about $750 a night.