Steamboat Springs Motels

Colorado has some of the best skiing destinations in the United States and one of the best known among them is Ski Town, USA also called Steamboat Springs. Named after the infamous hot springs of the Rockies that to early settlers sounded like steamboats, the city of Steamboat Springs is fast becoming the preferred winter destination the world over.

Even a vacation in paradise can turn in to a nightmare with the wrong sort of lodging. Individuals have different preferences and not every establishment can cater to all of them. The town of Steamboat Springs, regardless of its size, has so many rentals and rooms on offer that it would be quite impossible for a vacationer not to find one to suit his tastes. The most popular staying options in the city are the winter resorts and ski lodges owing to their proximity to the famous slopes of the Rocky Mountains. However, if the tourist is interested in the attractions around the city the best places to stay are the wayside motels.

Apart from the snow-covered slopes, Steamboat Springs is also home to so some of the most accessible geothermal springs and hot water pools in North America. The Steamboat Health and Recreation Association as well as the Strawberry Park Natural Hot Springs, the best places to soak up the Earth's heat, are located on the outskirts of the city and neither provides long-term staying options. The motels located in their vicinity like the much-celebrated Rabbit Ears motel are a comfortable option to living in the main city.

During the summer seasons, when skiing activities are replaced with fly-fishing and kayaking, the highlights moves form the center town to the suburbs. The best places to in summer are generally located on the route to the Routt National Forest. People can also use the motels to spend part a day or two of their vacations, during which they can visit the attractions around the motel. The average pricing for winter seasons is about $75 - $150 and in summers fall to approximately $85.